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What Are The Chinese Acupuncture Meridians

    The Chinese Acupuncture Meridians Circulate Subtle Life Force Energy Through The Body

    The Chinese acupuncture meridians are invisible channels which circulate qi, life force energy, or subtle energy throughout the body.  Many people have heard the term meridians, especially in relationship to acupuncture and Chinese medicine.  Unlike the chakras, which are energy vortexes that allow for the free flow of subtle energy from the outside world into our subtle body, the meridians transport this vital life force substance within the body.  Subtle life force energy travels through the meridians in the same way blood flows through our arteries.

    In science, researchers have been unable to validate the existence of the chakras.  This is not the case so when talking about the meridians.

    Dr. Kim Bong-Ham And Acupuncture Meridians

    In the 1960’s Dr. Kim Bong-Ham of North Korea’s National Meridian Research Institute injected individuals with small doses of Radioactive P32.  The injections were made into generalized areas of the body as well as into acupuncture points.  What they found was that the materials that was injected into a random part of the body spread and dissipated in the same way any kind of shot would.  In the individuals who were injected into specific acupuncture points, the material moved through fluid like ducts within the body, in the same way that blood flows through our veins, however, there are no corresponding “physical structures”, such as blood vessels for it to flow through.

    The Chinese acupuncture meridians are associated with the health of the physical body.  Blockages to the free flow of energy through these channels manifest as dysfunction to specific organs. For example, a blockage within the gallbladder meridian affects the ability of the gallbladder to transport bile to the digestive system and is also associated with the formation of gallstones.

    Meridians & Emotions

    In addition to physical health, the Chinese acupuncture meridians can give us a clear understanding of emotional concerns that may underlie the manifestation of disease in the body. Each organ is associated with a specific emotional state within our being.  In Chinese medicine it is said that the meridians mirror the nature of the human experience.  Said another way, the body reflects and affects the psyche, which includes the mind, emotions and spirit; and in the same way, the psychic both reflects and affects the body.  If, for example, a physical concern is expressed, an associated emotion or psycho-spiritual problem is always present as well.

    There are 12 meridians that run throughout the body.  They include the:

    The Chinese Acupuncture Meridians Roles

    The Chinese acupuncture meridians are often described in terms of the officials or ministers in a royal court, each one with a unique gift or job to do in service to the kingdom.  The officials have specific roles.  They process, store and distribute vital energy.  In their administrative role, it is essential that the officials work hard and not fail each other.  If an official begins to slack in his efforts and does not perform his duties adequately, the other officials of the court will be inadvertently affected.  Thus, if there is an imbalance in any official, the imbalance will affect other members of the court.

    By understanding the role and behavior of the officials, you can gain insights into the dynamics of chronic illness.  They also provide us with the opportunity to look at the life and lifestyle a person is creating as it is reflected in the workings of the physical body.

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