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Energy balancing - Energy HealingEverything is in the universe is dependent on the life giving power of life-force energy. Our bodies, in addition to our organs, glands and tissues are made up of a complex network of invisible interconnected forces that are commonly referred to as subtle energy.  According to a National Institutes of Health study, there are well over 50 different and distinct terms used to describe this subtle life-force energy including chi, prana, holy spirit, manna, ether, orgone, biomagnetism and zeropoint.

Imbalances to our life-force energy affect every facet of our lives. It can manifest as narrow-mindedness, disrespect for life and nature, or materialism, as anger, rage, phobias, depression, and hate and even as illness and disease in the body.  Imbalances in our lives can create pressure on an already stressed system. Unless the pressure is released, even greater issues can manifest, up to and including chronic disease.

Healing using energy medicine straightens, strengthens and heals energy pathways thus allowing our life force to flow again. This supports increased health and healing to the body. Dr. Louise is uniquely training in a number of energy medicine healing techniques including Reiki, aura / chakra balancing, guided imagery and alternative acupuncture.

Getting an energy medicine healing session can provide you with as a sense of deep relaxation and feelings of peace, security and well-being.  They can work on deeper levels where they break up blockages to the flow of or life force energy, thus helping to restore our health.

Today we are all under a lot of pressure. The stress of our careers, the demands of our families or a chronic health concern may be leaving us feeling sad or hopeless. Take the first step in getting your life back on track and schedule an energy medicine healing session with Dr. Louise today.


Energy Medicine Healing Sessions offered by Dr. Louise include:



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All of holistic health practitioner, Dr. Rita Louise’s medical intuition, intuitive counseling, psychic readings and energy medicine healing services are offered in person, by phone or over Skype.

You can schedule an appointment to see her in person, not only  in the Dallas / Fort Worth area but throughout all of East Texas, including Tyler, Longview, Marshall, Jefferson and even Shreveport, Louisiana.

You get the convenience of working one-on-one with Dr. Louise at a time and place that fits your busy schedule.

The sooner you contact Dr. Louise , the sooner your life will begin to “click.” Arrange for your initial intuitive counseling session today, or contact Dr. Louise with any questions you may have.

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