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Distance Spiritual Energy Healing

Dr. Rita Can Support All Of Your Health & Healing Needs

We all go to the doctor when we are not feeling well. Many of us take herbs and supplements, exercise, and eat right to maintain good health, but what about our emotional and energetic well-being? This is where a distance spiritual energy healing from Naturopath and intuitive energy practitioner Dr. Rita Louise can support your ongoing health needs.

This pleasant, powerful, and profound energetic therapy is gentle and can assist anyone who comes for help. Spiritual healing accelerates the restoration of physical challenges. It supports our ability to transform and grow.  It can also help us to move forward in life with clarity and purpose.

Distance Healing helps to give you mental strength so that you can face life challenges easier. You will be able to manage stress more effectively. You will feel lighter and have a sense of ease as you conduct your everyday activities. You will also feel more positive and loving towards life itself.

A Spiritual Energy Healing Session Will Help You Discover:

  • Where you are holding onto unfinished business
  • Issues of self-worth and fear of power
  • Unresolved traumas from your past
  • The source of unhappiness and spiritual confusion
  • The underlying cause of physical disease
  • The location of excessive or deficient energy flows
  • The state of health of your aura, chakras and subtle body

How Can Subtle Energy Healing Help?

Healing via energy medicine straightens, strengthens and heals energy pathways thus allowing our life force to flow again. Healing charges the subtle self with “positive energy”. Distance energy healing works to restore the movement of your subtle life-force energy throughout your body.  It works to transform your limiting beliefs and toxic emotions that are trapped within your physical body, in your auric field, and your chakras. It provides you and your body with the opportunity to release them.  

Said another way, it raises the vibratory level of the energy field in and around the physical body where negative thoughts and emotions have attached. This causes the “negative” energy to break apart and fall away. This supports increased health and healing to the body. It is often experienced as a sense of deep relaxation and feelings of peace, security and well-being.

My job as an intuitive healing practitioner is to help get your life force energy flowing again. This is achieved by breaking up energetic blockages, dispersing stagnant energy, and supporting the movement of chi through your body. This allows you to let go of your old patterns and move forward with your real life’s purpose.

Who Can Benefit From A Spiritual Energy Healing?

Anyone can benefit from a distance energy healing, even you! It has the power to improve your overall health and well-being. People schedule intuitive healings because they are suffering from a chronic illness, are experiencing pain, or physical discomfort or are just feeling stuck. 

Many people will use energetic healing as an adjunct therapy to traditional healthcare to hasten the healing process. Mental and emotional issues such as anxiety, PTSD, and trauma have found amazing relief through this spiritual process.  

Sessions often end with clients, like you, feeling a deep sense of inner peace. These sensations only come from an enhanced sense of well-being. The amazing thing about energy medicine is that you do not believe in it or understand how it works. You just have to be open to the possibility of it.

Energy Healing Can Also Be Used To:

  • Promote harmony & balance
  • Reduce physical and emotional pain
  • Correct physical concerns
  • Accelerate the body’s self-healing ability
  • Improve sleep
  • Promote metal and emotional health
  • Help you to better cope with life’s challenges
  • Clear negative energy
  • Release emotional trauma locked in the body
  • Leave you feeling grounded & centered
  • clear the mind, improving your ability to focus
  • Aids spiritual growth and emotional cleansing
  • Compliment medical treatments & other therapies

Take Control Of Your Life

Taking action is the key to making positive changes in your life. This includes your health. So don’t wait! Take your next step right now and schedule a distance energy healing from medical intuitive Dr. Rita Louise today!

Who Is Intuitive Energy Healer Dr. Rita Louise

I have over 20 years of experience as an intuitive energy healer working on people just like you! As a Naturopathic physician, I have had extensive training on how the physical body works. As a medical intuitive, I can locate imbalances in your energy field and remedy a wide range of problems.

I have a keen understanding of how the aura, chakras, meridians, and other subtle energy systems work.  This is complemented by my awareness and appreciation of how our thought and emotions can impact your health and wellness. 

I also possess an in-depth knowledge of natural health remedies that support the overall function of the body. Combined, I can intuitively dig deep into your physical and subtle bodies, detecting, aligning, attuning, and ultimately transforming these systems, bringing them into harmony with your highest good.

It only makes sense that you would want to work with someone who has both alternative health credentials, exceptional energy medicine skills as well as a keen sense of intuition. 

What Common Conditions Have You Helped With Spiritual Energy Healing?

FatigueBrain Fog
Physical problemsSurgery Pre/Post
Back/Structural issuesInflammation
Muscle painCord cutting
Aural/Chakra clearingChakra balancing
Lack of motivationFeeling stuck
Trauma and abuseRelationship concerns
Lack of self-love/worthPersonal/professional growth
Residential problemsEnd of life transition

Clients Who Have Had An Energy Healing Session Often Comment:

Individuals who have received an energy medicine session with Dr. Rita report a wide range of things. During a session, some report experiencing feelings of warmth, heat or vibration as the practitioner works on them. Others do not sense anything at all.  Other traditional comments include:

  • “I feel great, refreshed and free more grounded.
  • “I feel like I can see and think more clearly.”
  •  “I feel so calm and relaxed.”
  •  “I think I fell asleep.”
  •  “I could feel you working on me.”

The most common remark expressed by recipients of an energy healing is the sense of relaxation, peace and an overall reduction in stress after a session.

Will I Receive The Same Benefit Of An In-Person Session If I Receive A Distance Healing?

One of the astonishing advantages of spiritual energy healing is that you do not have to be physically present.  You may not be in the same room or even the same state as the healer.  Remarkably the healing benefits you will receive are equally effective as an in person spiritual energy healing.  This means that you can receive a spiritual energy healing easily anywhere, at any time and does not require you to be physically present with the practitioner.

In today’s world, people do not always have success finding a spiritual healer who is close by. Long distance energy healing offers individuals who live far off the beaten path the opportunity to access these services regardless of their location. The use of distance energy healing can also be used in situation in which an individual, due to their health concerns, is unable to come to the practitioner’s office for a session.

What Happens During A Energy Healing Session?

We will spend the first few minutes of our session going over your spiritual energy healing goals. We will delve into your health history, your aches and pains, questions, and concerns. The session will shift once this is completed and I have a moment to align with my intuition. 

Once our session goals are established, we hang up the phone or get off of Skype. I have found that this format allows me to enter a deeper trance-like state and fully engage with you, your body, and your concerns. You should find a comfortable place to sit or lie down because it is your job to relax and allow the healing to proceed. You can play some soothing meditative music if desired during this time.

As part of each distance spiritual energy healing session, I offer my clients a “report of findings” and will provide you with a detailed assessment the subtle energy health. I might address negative thoughts or limiting beliefs that are holding you back, areas where I worked and the energy did not fully release and additional work is needed or the health of your aura, chakras and energy channels.

She will help to identify which areas of your life that need attention and balancing. I might also suggest an herb, supplement, meditation, potential lifestyle changes, or other natural therapy to support your health goals.  

After a clearing session you may experience significant and substantial shifts in mind, body and spirit. You may feel a reduction or elimination of your symptoms, or even a sense of love, acceptance and deep letting go. You may at times they notice feeling more tired in the evening than usual. This is an indicator that your body is releasing and letting go of a large amount of trapped energy. Don’t worry! This is not an adverse reaction, but rather the body’s natural healing response.

It is important to note that some of our deepest work happens right after an intuitive healing. It is advisable to be kind to yourself, drink lots of water, and stay away from alcohol and junk food. Try to give yourself and an hour or two before reengaging in your workday. Take time to reflect on the insights you gained from the session or any wisdom that may come to you after. 

Can I Learn To Be A Certified Energy Healer?

Imagine if you could use energy healing to help someone experience positive, dynamic, and meaningful changes that transform them from ordinary to extraordinary. Some people are naturally talented at transforming subtle energy and can amaze us with their innate skills and abilities. For others, through training, it can be developed, honed, and allowed to blossom into a finely polished skill. 

You can be a catalyst for change by becoming a Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner. Using my unique home study program you will be able to implement and witness the transformative effect these proven energy medicine techniques have on supporting mental, emotional, and physical health. We all want to help people live happier, more fulfilled lives. You can be part of the solution today.

You can open the door to your intuition through my home study training programs offered by the Institute of Applied Energetics.  Learning to be a medical intuitive has never been so easy.

In fact, you can Jump Start Your Intuition training right now by downloading my free  course. You will receive everything you need to begin transforming your life today!

Reserve Your Session Today!

Want a Distance Spiritual Energy Healing Session? Then go ahead and drop me a note. I will email you back within one business day to set up a time. I look forward to helping you regain your health and improve the quality of your life.