Transforming Ideas Into Reality: The Stomach Meridian

stomach meridian - transformation - assimilation

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?
The Stomach Meridian

The stomach is responsible for transforming or digesting the foods we eat by mixing and breaking them down and then passing food substances along to the small intestine for further digestion. In much the same way, the stomach meridian is referred to as the Controller of Rotting and Ripening, the Official of Public Granaries or the Sea of Food and Fluid, where it is responsible for receiving and ripening the foods and fluids we consume.

The stomach meridian is associated with our ability to assimilate new ideas, absorbing information, as well as honoring and nurturing the self.  It is via the stomach meridian that we allow subtle energy from the world into our bodies.  This energy is then passed on to the small intestine meridian where it is sorted separating the good from the bad.  Do we keep it or do we let it go?

For some of us the energy we receive is so intense or so undesirable to the body that is just wants to come back out.  In addition to stomach issues, people who have blockages to their stomach meridians may experience headaches (especially in the front of the head) or have sinus problems.

How We Experience The Stomach Meridian

Balanced – When the stomach meridian is balanced, the emotions are centered and the person tends to feel in harmony with the earth. They have a sense of trust, considerate thoughts and actions, and good concentration.

Physical Imbalances – Issues of the stomach and stomach meridian can include symptoms such as knotted feelings or a gnawing sensation in the stomach, inhibited digestion, ulcers, gastritis, excessive or deficient stomach acid, indigestion, belching, bowel problems, lack of vitality, weight problems, appetite disorders, breastfeeding problems, headaches, sinus issues and ovarian and uterine problems.

Emotional Imbalances – Emotionally, the stomach is easily affected by stress. In addition to manifesting physical concerns, individuals can also experience anxiety, worry, skepticism, suspiciousness, mistrust, desire to avoid others, reclusiveness, energy depletion, an inability to “stomach it”, self-pity, mania or hypomania, confusion, severe anxiety, and hyperactivity.

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