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Strategic Planning & The Gallbladder Meridian

    What Happens When A Plan Doesn’t Come Together
    The Gallbladder Meridian

    The liver and gallbladder are closely linked physically. Not surprisingly, they are linked psychologically as well. The function of the gallbladder is to store the bile produced by the liver and release it into the small intestine when needed to aid digestion. The gallbladder meridian is referred to as the Official Of Decisions and Judgment, or the General Advisor and is in charge of making decisions. It is responsible for the assessment of circumstances and the conception of plans. It represents all that is just and exact. Determination and decision stem from it.

    Combined, the liver meridian plans actions, and the gallbladder decides what to do and then executes the plan. Sometimes deficiencies of the gallbladder meridian result because we are afraid to make a decision, feel overburdened or that our choices will not be right.

    For others, they make decisions, formulate plans, but something intervenes, keeping them from carrying them out.  This energy can get backed up into the liver and frustration results. Irritability is an indication of disharmony in either the gallbladder or liver and anger affects them both. Figuratively speaking, gallstones can be an indicator of plans that have gone by the wayside.  Instead of manifesting into the world, they stagnate and become and form into stones.

    How We Experience The Gallbladder Meridian

    Balanced – When the gallbladder meridian is balanced, individuals display courage, decisive action, bravery, an ability to act, and good decision-making abilities.

    Physical Imbalances – Issues of the gallbladder meridian can manifest as digestion issues (especially when eating fatty foods), and problems with menstruation or the eyes. Headaches, neck and shoulder tension, and aching knees are also a sign of dysfunction.

    Emotional Imbalances – Emotionally, it appears as rash, hasty decision- making, easily angered (especially if liver issues are present), control issues, irritability, rage, and bitterness. On the flip side, indecision, timidity, procrastination, confusion, poor judgment, lack of courage to assert oneself and his decisions, or resentment can appear.

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