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Is Your Heart Meridian Broken? The Heart Meridian & Health

    Health & The Heart Meridian

    On physical levels, the heart is responsible for moving and regulating the flow of blood through the body and is the basis of all life. In Chinese medicine, the Heart Meridian is thought of as the Supreme Controller, Grand Master, Lord and Sovereign, and is likened to the king of the land. The king is supreme in the sense that he manifests the traits of a chief executive, including wisdom, fairness, unselfishness and love for all. He is ultimately responsible for order in the kingdom, where he relies upon his ministers to carry out his will.

    Energetically speaking, the heart meridian is the supreme controller of the body. Its job is to provide a directing influence and clear insights to the organs. It affects all of the organs and is affected by them, especially on emotional and spiritual levels. It is believed that the heart stores “shen” and is the home of spirit and reflects itself through our emotions. It is where we access our deepest love and passions and is associated with insights and understanding. Our heart maintains our individually and integrity, especially against “foreign influences”.

    Emotions that affect this meridian are over-excitement and shock, especially in situations when the spirit is distressed. Death, the ending of a relationship, betrayal and other emotionally stressful events can have a profound impact on the heart.

    The heart, in the light of extreme events can “be broken” causing the individual to experience a heaviness in the heart and chest.  This condition is impossible to diagnose with traditional medical tests since it is not a physical manifestation of disease.

    This meridian is also affected by the emotions of the other organs, including grief, fear, anger and over-concern. Associated with the heart is the pericardium meridian. The pericardium and pericardium meridian protect the heart; not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well.

    How We Experience The Heart Meridian

    Balanced – When the heart meridian is balanced it manifests itself as individuality, responding appropriately to the environment, tranquility, gentleness, emotional balance, love, integrity, optimism, wisdom and a zest for life.

    Physical Imbalances – Imbalances of the heart meridian can manifest physically as heart palpitations, anxiety, mumbling to oneself, dizziness, fainting spells, shortness of breath, or lack of vitality.

    Emotional Imbalances – Emotionally, imbalances of the heart meridian include excessive sadness, incessant laughter, excessive dreaming/daydreaming, irrational behaviors, hysteria, joylessness, apathy, a dull state of being, emotional distress, confusion, feeling out of control, or manic behavior.

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