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Transformation & Letting Go: The Large Intestine Meridian

    What Are You Holding On To?
    The Large Intestine Meridian

    The large intestine is responsible for transforming and transporting waste from the body. This waste is the residue of the digestion process, where water is removed from digested materials and is then eliminated from the body. Likewise, the large intestine meridian is responsible for not only the elimination of waste products, but also the elimination of old/toxic thoughts and feelings.

    Called the Controller of the Drainage of Dregs or the Great Eliminator, this official is responsible for the elimination of what we cannot use.  It controls our ability to transform ourselves and our lives.

    By letting go of the old, we make room for new energy and ideas to enter into our being.  This allows us to open ourselves up to growth and change.  The ability to transform ourselves makes the large intestine meridian responsible for the evolution of the self.

    The large intestine meridian can become imbalanced when we “grin and bear it”, “bite the bullet,”  when we take on the defensive posture of “I won’t let them get to me,” or “I won’t let them see that they got to me”.

    An imbalanced large intestine meridian can also cause us to hold onto energies that are no longer useful to us.  When we hold on to negative thought and emotions they can swirl around and around in our psyche wreaking havoc until finally we are able to let them go.

    How We Experience The Large Intestine Meridian

    Balanced – When it is balanced, the individual experiences compassion, good survival instincts, individuality, positive outlook, and endurance.

    Physical Imbalances – Physically, this imbalance manifests as constipation, diarrhea, lower bowel pain, colitis, IBS, intestinal gas, blocked pores, greasy skin, or an impaired sense of smell.

    Emotional Imbalances – Emotionally, it is experienced as resentment, worry, anguish, inflexibility of body and mind, pessimism, stubbornness, holding on, regret, inability to forgive, bitterness or cynicism.

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