Storing Spiritual Energy: The Bladder Meridian

The Bladder Meridian Stores Physical, Mental & Spiritual Reserves


Dr. Rita Louise

Bladder MeridianThe bladder meridian is known by a number of different names including The Great Mediator, the Official Who Controls Storage of Water, and the Minister of the Reservoir. Like the kidneys, the bladder is also concerned with the movement of fluids in the body and is strongly associated with the kidney meridian.

Physically, the function of the bladder is to regulate fluids by receiving, storing and finally eliminating urine from the body. In much the same way, the bladder meridian is responsible for storing reserves of physical, mental and spiritual energy for us to use in emergencies.

The bladder meridian works in conjunction with the kidney meridian.  We access the reserves of the bladder meridian in stressful situations; however, some people run on them all the time. In addition, the bladder meridian controls the flow of our thoughts, where we can choose to hold on to negative thoughts and ideas.  For many, fear can be a predominant emotion associated with this meridian.  This fear drives and activates the kidney meridians causing them to become imbalanced as well.

Balanced – When balanced, the person may be seen as being cautious, yet these are a sign of restraint, determination, will power, and ambition.

Physical Imbalances – When impaired, imbalances can manifest as headaches, back tension, back pain (especially around the kidneys), sciatica, painful knees, cystitis, incontinence, bed wetting, or other issues involving fluid movement in the body.

Emotional Imbalances – From an emotional point of view, an individual may experience a lack of confidence, nervousness, strained nerves, hypersensitivity, or feeling overwhelmed or internally empty. They may not be able to stand up for themselves or will do so at any cost. They may suppress emotions, feel as if life is too much to handle, or be frightened, leaving them in a survival state.



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