Anger, Frustration & The Liver Meridian

liver meridian - anger - frustration

Is Anger Controlling Your Life?
The Liver Meridian

There are a number of different names that are used to describe the function of the liver meridian, including the Controller of Strategic Planning, General in Charge of Planning, or Chief of Staff. As the official in charge of planning, it is responsible for the assessment of circumstances and the creation of strategies and procedures. It provides us with a sense of direction, organization in the things we say and do, and supplies us with purpose and hope for our future.   It is also associated with communication and expression where it supports our ability to choose the right word or energy level.

Needless to say, the liver meridian is responsible for the strategic control and planning of bodily functions, where it harmonizes bodily processes into a well functioning unit. Physically, the liver is responsible for detoxifying, nourishing, replenishing and storing blood, and is considered a primary center of metabolism. Energetically, the liver is responsible for maintaining harmony and the smooth movement of chi throughout the body, including the smooth transition between feelings and emotions as situations change around us. It also supports the process of self-growth, where it works to plan the unconscious needs of the core self.

The liver meridian works in conjunction with the gallbladder meridian.  If the plans that were derived using our gallbladder energy are not manifested, its energy can back up into the liver.  Over time, or repeated instances, the liver can become congested, where it will manifest as rage, anger or frustration.

Balanced – When the liver meridian is balanced, we are kind, benevolent, compassionate and generous. It also supports our drive, planning, endurance, perseverance, quick, clear intellect, ambition, patience, and organizational abilities.

Physical Imbalances – Physically, imbalances of the liver meridian can manifest as dry, painful eyes with blurred or weak vision, lack of suppleness or pain in moving the joints, dry skin, dizziness, infrequent or spotty menstruation, restlessness, headache, vertigo, red face and eyes, and a parched mouth.

Emotional Imbalances – Emotionally, we can experience anger, depression, impatience, hatred, jealousy, or an attachment to strong opinions. We can also be power-hungry, over-ambitious, controlling, irritable, resentful, frustrated, or filled with rage.

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