Tapping Into Personal Power: The Kidney Meridian

The Kidney Meridian Can Help You Move Through Difficult Situations


By Dr. Rita Louise

kidney meridian - personal powerThe function of the kidneys is to control the movement of water through the body. Their job is to transform fluids in the body, separating the pure from the impure, and sending waste materials to the bladder for elimination. Known as the Minister of Power, the kidney meridian is referred to as the Resilience of Resolution.

It is said that the energy of the kidneys is responsible for the power of our personality, our strength of character, and provides us with the energy to move through difficult situation by means of the strength of our will or will power.   From this, the kidneys are described as being the seat of courage, and provide us with drive and ambition. Astuteness is also associated with the kidney meridian, where we know just what to do in any given situation, or where we can differentiate what is useful to and for us, and discard the rest.

Tied to the kidney meridian are the adrenal glands.  Imbalances to the kidney meridian energy can cause chronic stress and adrenal fatigue.  This can be brought about because we are running too much energy through the kidney meridian.  Like the Little Train That Could, we chug along using every bit of our will power to move forward, which draws energy from the adrenals until they run out of energy and become compromised.


How We Experience The Kidney Meridian


Balanced – When balanced, an individual typically experiences restraint, wisdom, rational perceptions, cleverness, ability to concentrate, determination, courage, confidence, a sense of security, as well as good organizational skills and imagination.

Physical Imbalances – Issues of the kidney meridian include excessive or deficient fluids in the body, dark, scanty urine, constipation, dry mouth, night sweats, clear, abundant urine, edema, diarrhea, soft, brittle bones, or poor teeth.

Emotional Imbalances – Emotionally, it is experienced as fear, hesitancy, poor will power, guilt, trembling, running from situations rather than facing them, or a fear of undertaking anything (failure complex). It may also manifest as an inferiority complex, restlessness, excessive drive, difficulty relaxing, or always looking for new challenges.


By: Rita Louise, PhD


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