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Our Chakras And Chakra Colors Identify The Health Of Our Subtle Energy

    What Do Our Chakra Colors Say About Our Health?

    Tradition states that each chakra is tied to specific chakra colors. When viewed by a skilled intuitive, healthy chakras appear open, unarmored, energetic, free of stagnant energy, spin in a clockwise direction and are about the size of a silver dollar.  Energy and information travels easily through the chakras in both directions.  Each chakra has two distinct sections, the inner ring and the outer band.

    The inner ring makes up the majority of the chakra and works to transmit, receive and assimilate information.  The outer band runs along the outside edge of the chakra and surrounds the inner ring.  Working like a muscle, it controls the opening and closing of the chakra, where it regulates the flow of subtle energy.

    Each chakra, in addition to their ability to open and close like the aperture of a camera, vibrates or resonates at a particular frequency or within a specific frequency range.   Spiritual texts traditionally associate a specific color to each of them.  The color red vibrates at the slowest frequency and is assigned to the 1st chakra.  The color purple vibrates at the highest frequency and is assigned to the 7th chakra.  These chakra colors reflect ideal energetic vibration.

    Chakras And Chakra Colors

    Traditionally, each chakra is assigned a color and is listed below.  This listing, however, describes a chakra that is healthy and balanced.  When imbalanced, disease can set into our energetic system.  This will cause these colors diminish or can change completely.




    The chakras color can also provide us with information about the personality or constitution of an individual as well as their current state of health and wellness.   The colors observed in each chakra, for example, reflect the frequency of energy being metabolized by an individual at any given moment.   So while texts ascribe red to the 1st chakra and green to the 4th chakra, the colors observed in these chakras may actually appear as corn silk blue and mustard yellow respectively.

    These skewed chakra colors reflect imbalances to subtle energy movement.  They represent our past traumas, hurts, pains, invalidations which are in need of healing.

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