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Compassion, Balance and Harmony: The Energy Of The 4th Chakra

    The Fourth Chakra Offers Us A Sense Of Inner Wholeness

    The fourth chakra vibrates at the energy of compassion, balance and harmony.  When we are in the energetic vibration of the 4th chakra, we can evaluate the goals we established in the 3rd chakra and reflect on our achievements.  Located in the center of the chest, this chakra is called Anahata in Sanskrit and Tiphareth as you move up the Tree of Life to the 6th sephirah.  Associated with the color green, the 4th chakra is linked to the thymus gland and the heart plexus and is often called the heart chakra or heart center.

    The 4th chakra occupies a unique position within our energetic make-up.  In this point of balance, we find that there are three chakras below it and three chakras above.  The primary functions of the lower three chakras revolves around our interaction with the physical world and our external self, where they focus on the satisfaction of our needs and desires and our ability to respond to external stimuli.  As we move to the 4th chakra and above, our focus shifts from the physical to the mental and spiritual realms that make us whole.

    The Function Of The 4th Chakra

    The 4th chakra acts as an integrator or synthesizer. It provides unity to all our parts, be they physical, emotional, mental or spiritual in nature.  According to Gareth Knight, author of A Practical Guide to Qabalistic Symbolism, the 4th chakra can be thought of as our nucleus and the center of our being.  If you look at its placement on the Tree of Life, each sephirah, each aspect of our being is connected to Tiphareth, with the exception of Malkuth or the 1st chakra.  Malkuth is excluded from this dynamic relationship because Malkuth exists only in the world of matter, where the energies of the other 9 sephiroth exist in the world of energy.

    The 4th chakra is the place in which balance and harmony can be established and maintained.  It is from this central point that all life radiates, connecting all of our parts to each other.  It acts as a master controller, where it provides a pathway for stress to be released.  This is not only emotional stress, but any stress that is placed upon our energetic system.  It is the 4th chakra that assists us in equalizing our energy.

    Experiencing The Fourth Chakra

    When we experience the balance and harmony the 4th chakra offers, there is a sense of inner wholeness where our bodies and mind are one.  When we are in wholeness, we feel as if we are one with ourselves.  This wholeness can only be experienced when the different aspects of ourselves are in harmony with each other.  It leaves us with a sense of integrity and a connection with our inner self.  It is where we can come into contact with our deepest wishes, hopes and dreams.  In this state, the self, that is our inner self or soul, can be easily identified as being separate from the ego or personality.

    Some of us may experience the energy of wholeness for a brief moment or for extended periods of time.  Others may never have or recognize this experience at all.  Wholeness isn’t achieved through money, social standing or power.  These are aspects of the lower 3 chakras.  It can only be achieved by going deep inside ourselves and opening ourselves up to experiencing our true inner nature.  When we are in this state, we find ourselves in a place of inner peace. We are able to rise above the pettiness of our egos and experience altruism, compassion and love.

    When we speak of love on a 4th chakra level, it is not a sexual kind of love, but instead a love that is felt towards all things.  We are able to rise above our own needs and desires and our attachment to the material and social world.  We feel united with the world around us, an inseparable part of the whole.

    If you think your 4th chakra is blocked or unbalanced, check out our free fourth chakra guided meditation.

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