The 7th Chakra: The Energy Of Infinite Boundless Potential

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Boundless, Limitless Energy Flows Through The Seventh Chakra

The last of the major chakras, the crown or 7th chakra.  Located on the top of the head, this chakra is often associated with the soft spot found on the heads of newborns.  Occupying the first sephiroth on the Tree of Life, this energy center is called Kether in Qabalistic literature and Suhasrar in Sanskrit.  The seventh chakra is the seat of wisdom and enlightenment and is associated with the color purple, the fastest vibrating color of the visible light spectrum.  Physiologically it is linked to the pineal gland, the cerebral cortex and the central nervous system.

The 7th chakra is the point where all life wells up from the energy of pure existence.  It is the gate between all that is yet to manifest and the physical world.  Energy that exists prior to its formation at the seventh chakra is described in Qabalistic literature as existing beyond the “Veil of Negative Existence”.

The Function Of The 7th Chakra

It is important to recognize the preceding energy because all things come from the energy of infinite potential or God.  This energy is not limited by time or space.  It is believed that the energy that exists beyond the Veil is so vast that it cannot be described because it is beyond the reaches of the rational mind.

The Veil of Negative Existence condenses at Kether, the 7th chakra.  The energy that flows through the seventh chakra can be thought of as the seed from which all life sprang forth into existence.  The out flowing and in drawn breath represents this initiating force as do the concepts of birth and death.  It is believed that this is the point from which all things begin and to which, in the end, all things return.

This boundless, limitless energy flows in through the seventh chakra and through the body via the Sushumna to the 1st chakra where it is output or grounded.  The connection to our power source is critical because without it, we would be nothing.  It can be thought of as the battery that provides the body with electricity, which causes our energetic current to flow.  It is the flow of this energy that animates us and energizes the chakras, filling us with a never-ending supply of life force energy.

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