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The Sixth Chakra Crystallizes Energy Where It Can Take Form

The primary mode of the 6th chakra is that of sight and insight.  Physiologically, the sixth chakra is associated with the pineal gland and the hypothalamus/pituitary nerve plexus.  Associated with the color indigo, the 6th chakra is located in the center of the forehead and is often referred to as “the third eye”.  Called Ajna in Sanskrit, the sixth chakra is the last of the major chakras that are represented by two distinct energy centers on the Tree of Life.  Called Chokmah and Binah, which correspond to the 2nd and 3rd sephiroth respectively, these sephiroth represent the movement of energy as it begins to crystallize and take form.

Chokmah is unbridled energy and unlimited potential.  It has no form.  It is energy that has just entered into the realm of manifestation.  It is where we first recognize our energy as being different and separate from God’s.  It is often thought of as the origin of consciousness or as self-consciousness itself.

Binah, on the other hand, bind the free flowing energy of Chokmah and limits it.  Limitation helps us to differentiate ourselves from the collective whole of which we are a part.  It is critical for the creation of discrete entities.  We experience limitations on spiritual, mental, emotional and even on physical levels.  They make us unique and distinctive, with our own thoughts, wants, needs, desires, opinions, strengths and weaknesses.  These limitations control the direction and focus of our lives and form the basis and foundation of our life path and life experiences.

Function Of The Sixth Chakra

It is through limitation that form is created.  Limitation gives shape to energy in order for us to see it and comprehend it.  In fact, the 6th chakra provides us with the ability to access perceptual information directly.  It allows us to see visual images in our minds eye.  These include images brought up from our memories, our imagination, our ability to visualize and our psychic information.

From here, we can see things as they really are, that is, if we choose.  We are beyond the judgment, prejudice and programming found in the 5th chakra.  From here we can view things neutrally and objectively.  Visual information is non-linear in nature.  It just is.  In order for it to be expressed, it has to be translated or interpreted so that we can communicate or express it to others.  This is the function of the 5th chakra.

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