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Clairsentience: Trusting Your Gut: Your Second Chakra

    The Second Chakra Is Our Interface Between The World Of Energy And The Physical World

    Associated with the color orange, the second chakra is perceived as being less dense than the 1st chakra.  It is often seen as the interface between the world of energy and the physical world.  The 2nd chakra controls the energy of integration, creativity, our ability to feel and is the seat of our desires.

    The second chakra is intimately connected to the Moon in both Yogic literature and Qabalistic texts.  The Moon is associated with the physiological cycles of women and is connected with the growth of plants and other life on our planet.  It is the moon that produces the never-ending movement of the tides here on Earth.  This never ceasing cyclical movement of the Moon is reflected in the action of the 2nd chakra where energy flows in and out, ever in motion.

    In the 1st chakra we discussed the instinctual responses we experience as we interact with the world around us.  This is typified by our Fight or Flight Response, the physiological reaction we have when our survival is threatened.  The physical body, however only recognizes rudimentary sensations such as pain, fatigue and discomfort.  The 2nd chakra works to organize the sensations we experience.  This organization results in feelings.

    Feels Are Tied To The 2nd Chakra

    Feelings are the result of our reaction to physical sensations or stimuli; both good and bad, pleasant and painful.  The vibration of “feelings” exists all around us.  As you may recall, each chakra transmits, receives and assimilates information from the world around us.  Feelings vibrate at a frequency that can be received by the 2nd chakra.  So like the tides that flow in and out in their continuous cycle, so too does energy flow into and out of our 2nd chakra.

    Our feelings have the ability to communicate our current state of being.  Our bodies assimilate our feelings, which when asked can let us know how we feel in any given moment.  They may also be transmitted out into our environment where we can share our experiences with others.  Interestingly, this subtle form of energy exchange has been recognized as the primary way in which animals communicate with each other.

    In man, these subtle feelings are often ignored.  Many times we may feel that something is amiss, but instead of acting on this information we suppress it.  We suppress it because we either cannot understand its promptings or because it doesn’t agree with the thoughts, opinions or judgments of our mind, which can easily override our feelings.  Some just don’t recognize that their feelings provide them with perceptual information at all.

    Second Chakra Home Of Psychic Ability Clairsentience

    Our ability to recognize energy on feeling levels is called clairsentience.  The term clairsentience is often associated with psychics.  The truth nonetheless is that we all have the ability to feel the energy around us.  We all have clairsentient abilities.  The ability to feel energy is innately built into each of us.  Whether we act on the information provided to us on conscious or unconscious levels is another story altogether.

    Think about how may times you’ve walked into a room and had an uncomfortable feeling or noticed a strange “vibe”.  This is your  second chakra at work, providing you with information from your environment.  Or what about the times when you had a strong feeling, a strong notion, one that you experienced deep in your gut that told you something was going to happen.  Or perhaps you felt as if someone were looking at you, only to turn your head to see someone in the car next to you staring.  You were receiving this information on 2nd chakra, clairsentient levels.

    As with the energy of any of our chakras, some people are more open to this energy vibration than others.  It is not that they have some special gift, but instead they have learned to acknowledge, validate and act upon the feelings they are experiencing.  They are thought of as listening to their gut feelings, of trusting their instincts or of being sensitive, empathic or intuitive.

    If you think your 2nd chakra is blocked or unbalanced, check out our free second chakra guided meditation.

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