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Power And The Third Chakra

    The Third Chakra’s Function Is To Provide Energy For All Our Endeavors

    There is only one word to describe the energetic nature of the  third chakra:  Power.  Called Manipura in Sanskrit, the 3rd chakra is located in the solar plexus just below the sternum and is said to vibrate at the color yellow.

    On the Tree of Life, the third chakra is the first energy center to appear split into two equal yet opposing parts.  The two halves of this energy center rest on the two outer poles of the Tree Of Life.  By representing this energy center in this way we are provided with a deeper understanding of its dual function.  On the left, the active, positive, creative, masculine, yang aspect of this energy center is called Netzah, which occupies the 7th position on the Tree of Life.  On the right is the passive, negative, receptive, feminine or yin aspect of this duality called Hod, that holds the 8th position on the Tree of Life.

    Function Of The Third Chakra

    Physiologically, the 3rd chakra is associated with the solar nerve plexus, the adrenal gland and the organs of digestion, where matter is converted into energy.  Thus the function of this energy center is to produce and provide energy and power for all of our endeavors.  It is the fire of combustion and is responsible for all movement and activity that leads to manifestation in the physical worlds.  We use this energy to satisfy the desires established in the 2nd chakra.

    There are two types of energy produced in this chakra.  One is the fire of our passions.  The other is represented by our determination or will.  Without either or both of these types of energy, nothing could or would be accomplished.  Accomplishment and completion of goals is a critical function of this chakra.  In order to set a thought or idea into motion, energy must be applied to it.  Without an initiating or propelling force on one level or another, we would be unable to get our energetic motor running and manifest into the physical world.

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