Communication: Our 5th Chakra Sets The Energy Of Our Lives

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The Fifth Chakra Expresses Words Which Carry The Message Of Our Intentions

Located in the cleft of the throat is the fifth chakra.  The 5th chakra is the energy center of communication.  It controls our ability to express our thoughts, ideas, feelings and emotions.  It is also here that we “communicate” with our inner self and with God.

Called Visuddha in Sanskrit, this chakra is made up of the Tree Of Life sephiroth Geburah and Chesed.  Chesed sits on the positive Pillar of Mercy, while Geburah rests on the negative pillar, the Pillar of Severity.  Associated with the color blue, on physiological levels the 5th chakra is related with the Cervical Ganglia Medulla as well as with the thyroid gland.  Based on its physical location alone, it is no wonder that the fifth chakra vibrates with the energy of communication.

Function Of The Fifth Chakra

When we think of communication, we traditionally think of our ability to use words.  Our words are thoughts expressed which carry the message of our intentions with them.  They can be thought of as a reflection or external manifestation of our inner programming.  The words we use can tell a lot about how or what we think.  They are a reflection of our thoughts, beliefs, judgments, assumptions and opinions.  Our words can be charged with the positive energy of love, which help us to expand and grow, or they can be charged with a negative energy, such as fear, that causes us to shrink away from who we truly are. This can effect the function of the 5th chakra.

Our words have power and our speech has the power to set the energy or the direction we choose in our lives.  If we say good and positive things, good and positive things (experiences) happen to us.  Our words give us the opportunity to experience life from a positive or optimistic point of view.  If, on the other hand, we come from negativity, saying negative things, negative things will happen to us or we will end up seeing life as one big problem or disappointment. This is the action of the fifth chakra.

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