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Cutting The Energetic Cords That Bind Us : How Energy Cords Affect Us

    Discover How Energy Cords Or Energetic Cords May Be Impacting You

    Based on Dr. Rita’s book: The Dysfunctional Dance Of The Empath And Narcissist

    Have you ever wondered why, after ending a relationship, you cannot seem to get the other person out of your mind? The thoughts you have may appear good, heartfelt or positive, where you are reliving the beauty and wonder of a relationship gone wrong.

    Then there is the other side to it.

    Do the gory details of your relationship circulate unceasingly in your head? Are you ruminating about all of the negative and hurtful things they did to you, trying to understand what just happened? You may have tried everything in your power to stop thinking about them but for some unknown reason you are unable to do so.

    You may be experiencing this because you have emotional energy cords connecting you to your former friend, colleague or lover.

    What Are Energy Cords?

    Energetic cords are like talking on the telephone. When you make a call, or receive one, a connection is established between you and the other party. Cords allow us to feel a connection with the other person. They are an essential and integral part of the human experience. Once a connection is made, we will start to receive energetic information from the other person and they from us. Energy cords can be formed between friends, lovers, workmates and even people we despise.

    Energetic cords are why, at the beginning of a relationship, we cannot get the other person off of our minds. We feel energized and excited. As we come closer to the other person, or begin to fall in love, the emotional connection and the energetic cords become stronger, more defined.

    The energy cords grow in size from an initial thread like size, to the size of a wire. They can become as large as a plumbing pipe depending on the depth and breadth of our connection. The bigger the cords are, the easier and faster energy and information can be exchanged. We may experience this as deeper, more intense emotions about the other person.

    How Energetic Cords Form

    Energy cords can form when we are in close proximity to someone. We can also create energetic cords by thinking about or talking about the other person. Anywhere we put our focus they can materialize. This is one of the reasons why we can become emotionally attached to someone we have never met.

    We can be corded anywhere in our bodies. It is common to have cords extend out of our chakras, the subtle energy centers in our bodies. Another widespread location is in our backs, where we cannot intuitively see them. This is especially true if the communication cords are not beneficial.

    Negative/Non-serving Energy Cords

    Energy cords, unfortunately, are not always positive. Since energy is exchanged via these energetic lines of communication, they can also rob you of your energy and drain the life force right out of you. They may leave you feeling physically tired and emotionally exhausted. This is especially true if you are involved with someone who is a narcissist or energy vampire. But beware… Pay attention to your own energy… It might be you who is doing the draining and not the other way around.

    Negative, non-serving energy cords are not healthy, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. If the cords are left over from a relationship, they can interfere with your ability to gain closure and experience a sense of inner peace.  This is especially true if you are a highly sensitive person.

    What To Do If You Have Negative Energy Cords

    By now, you are probably wondering what you can do if you have unhealthy energetic cords attached to you. There are a number of techniques you can utilize to help rid yourself of these communication channels.

    Hot Epsom Salt Bath

    Soaking in a bath with Epsom salts has a long history of helping to relax the body and clear it of negative energy and energetic cords. Add ½ to a full cup of Epsom salt into a hot bath and enjoy. Try adding some essential oils to the healing water. Lavender, lemon, peppermint, or frankincense, are traditionally used to remove negative energy and uplift the spirit.


    Smudging is a powerful cleansing technique often associated with Native American traditions. Smudging is a method you can use to cleanse yourself and your environment.

    In Native American traditions, sage and sweet grass are the most popular plants used for smudging. Sage lifts the spirit and clears negative energies, spirits and influences. Sweet grass draws new and positive energies to us. Sage and sweet grass may be found at metaphysical shops, many natural food markets and online. Some smudge sticks may contain other herbs that can further support the clearing process.

    To smudge, light your smudge stick and blow the flame out. Let the herbs continue to smolder. Take a few deep breaths and allow your body to relax. Set and hold the intention that the smoke will support the release of negative energy, including energetic cords, from your life.

    Move the smudge stick around your body or have someone gently fan the smoke around you. Watch as any negativity you may have been holding on to rises on the smoke and is eliminated from your life. Continue this process until you feel your body releasing. You will recognize this when you finally begin to relax. Slow deep breathing supports this process.

    Smudge yourself whenever your spirits need reviving.

    Pulling Cords Energy Cords

    Pulling energetic cords is an energy medicine technique. It requires visualization, a 6th chakra ability, on your part. Many healers suggest cutting energy cords verses pulling them. In my experience, cutting a cord is an undesirable way of stopping communication from someone else. There is a violent feel to this act. It can also send adverse shock waves down both ends of the cord.

    Additionally, when you cut a cord, instead of pulling it, you leave a little bit of them inside of you. It can be likened to cutting a weed down at its base instead of pulling it out by its roots. It is less likely to grow back when the weed and its roots are removed.

    To utilize this method, begin by taking a nice deep breath and allowing your body to relax. Imagine in your mind’s eye, a representation of yourself. Then, pretend you have a handful of magic dust. Toss the magic dust all over and around your mental image of yourself. Allow the dust to rest on your body as well as on any energetic cords that may be connected to you.

    Reach out and grasp one of the newly exposed energy cords. You may even feel this wire-like communication channel in your hand as you grasp it. Gently pull the cord from your body. Some cords may be just beneath the surface of the skin. Others may have penetrated deeply into your body, like a tree that has taken root into the depths of your being. Keep pulling on the cord until you see the end of it come out. Sometimes you might detect a slight “pop” as you successfully pull the tip of the cord out.

    Apply additional magic dust to check for deeper hidden energetic cords and remove them as well.

    When you feel done or complete, take a few deep breaths. Allow your body to further relax as you enjoy the wonderful feeling of being alone in your body, mind and psyche. Breathing will also help you to release any additional connections you may have to the unwanted individual. Thank yourself, God, spirit or the universe for your newfound freedom.

    Energy Cords: When All Else Fails

    Professional help is also available if energy cords are interfering in your ability to experience happiness in your life. Dr. Rita has worked with countless individuals helping them to experience closure in their personal and professional relationships. This includes assisting in cord removal.

    Contact Dr. Rita to schedule a session today if you need assistance in energy cord removal.

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