Am I Psychic? : The Mystery Of Intuition Revealed

Am I Psychic?
The Mystery Of Psychic Intuition Revealed

Most people believe that they are intuitive, but what many want to know is : Am I Psychic? What is a psychic ability and how is it different from intuition. What makes one person psychic and another one not ? How does it work? Is being psychic part of the human experience or is it something more. How can I tap into this unseen information?

Dr. Rita Louise reveals the true nature of what it is to be psychic and explains the intuitive experience. Using examples that come from today’s technology, she explains how this unseen information can be picked up by each of us, if we know how to decode it. Dr. Rita also asserts that being psychic and using this mysterious gift is not just for a few, but for everyone!

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About Dr. Rita Louise

Bestselling author, Dr. Rita Louise, is a Naturopathic Physician and the founder of the Institute Of Applied Energetics. It is her unique gift as a medical intuitive and professional clairvoyant psychic that enlivens her work. Let Dr. Rita assist you bringing health, healing and wholeness back into your life.

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