Second Chakra Healing | A Free Guided Meditation For The 2nd Chakra

The 2nd Chakra Healing: A Guided Meditation

Why Heal The 2nd Chakra?

The chakras are energy centers withing the body.  When the chakras are balanced and their energy is flowing smoothly, you are healthy and whole. If the chakras become blocked or their energy becomes stagnate, over time, it may result in illness or disease. Chakras when they are out of balance, it can have a huge impact on your emotional, mental, physical and even spiritual health. You can use this guided meditation to heal and clear your Second Chakra.

Free Second Chakra Healing

The 2st chakra is located just below the belly button.

The highest color vibration of the second chakra is the color orange.

The 2nd chakra controls the energy of integration, creativity and our ability to feel.

It is the seat of our desires.

When our second chakra is open we can recognize energy on feeling or clairsentient levels.

Both our own feelings as well as the emotions of others.

As we expand and activate the 2nd chakra we will naturally become more in touch with our deepest emotions, needs and desires.

This free 2nd chakra healing was brought to you by Please explore our other free chakra healing videos that work to clear the first chakra, the second chakra, the third chakra, the forth chakra, the fifth chakra, the sixth chakra and the seventh chakra.

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