The Subtle Body: Nadis, Sushumna, Ida and Pingala


The Subtle Body Is Made Up Of Energetic Structures
The Nadis, Sushumna, Ida and Pingala


By Dr. Rita Louise

Nadis Of The Subtle Body: Sushumna, Ida and PingalaIn order to fully understand the function of the chakras and the nature of the subtle bodies, it is important to understand how energy moves through them individually and as a whole.  All energy and information is transported through the subtle bodies via energy channels called nadis.  The function of the nadis is to transfer or funnel energy into an,d out of the chakra.  There is a nadi connected to each side of the chakras in each of the bodies where they transport energy and information from the world around us through the subtle body to nerve ganglia (bundles of nerve cells that lie outside the central nervous system) in the physical body.

The nadis are made up of fine threads of energetic matter that exist purely on subtle levels.  These energetic structures connect one chakra to another and work to direct and transfer energetic vibrations in the same way our veins and arteries direct and carry blood through our body or like a phone cord carries our conversations over its copper wire.  Sources have described up to 72,000 nadis in the subtle body.


The Make-up Of The Subtle Energy Body



The Nadis

The seven major chakras are connected to each other via a vertical column of energetic matter that runs up and down the spine, which according to Yogic traditions is called the Sushumna.  The Sushumna’s function is to transport energy through the subtle bodies, which provides power and energy to each of the chakras.  Where the nadi can be thought of as functioning like an electrical wire or like an individual nerve that runs through our body, the Sushumna, can be thought of as a major electrical power bus or as functioning similar to our spinal cord that acts as an electrical highway for nerve transmission.

By means of a nadi that extends out of the 7th chakra, energy is funneled into the body and transported through the Sushumna to the 1st chakra.  Energy exits the Sushumna through a nadi that is connected to the 1st chakra, where it is ultimately grounded.  The flow of this energy can be thought of as functioning like a DC or direct current circuit.  A DC circuit is an unbroken path through which an electric current flows from positive to negative.  That is it moves from a power source such as a battery to an output or to ground where the excess electricity is dissipated.

When a circuit is complete, that is, when all of the connections are made properly, current flows.  If the connections are not made properly and the circuit is broken the current cannot flow.   Likewise, if the circuit that makes up the Sushumna is broken, the flow of energy through the chakras stops.  Like the electrical circuit, if there is no power or energy coming in via the 7th chakra, or if the circuit isn’t grounded by means of the 1st chakra, energy will not flow as well.

Also moving up the spine and intertwining the Sushumna are the Ida and Pingala nadis.  The Ida is located on the left side of the spinal column and is associated with the feminine, negative and yin aspect of our being.  The Pingala in turn is located on the right side of the spinal column and is associated with the masculine, positive and yang aspects of our being.  These nadis move upward from the 1st chakra alternating from left to right as they travel up the spine where they surround and activate each chakra.  It is believed that when these two aspects of ourselves are balanced, our spiritual energy or Kundalini can unfold.


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