14 Simple Tips For Reducing Bad Breath

bad breath - halitosis

Bad Breath:  How Bad Is Yours?    By Dr. Rita Louise Bad breath, morning breath, breath odor or halitosis are … Read More …

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The Aura, Chakras & Subtle Energy Bodies

To Understand Ourselves We Must Understand The Movement Of Energy Through The Subtle Energy Bodies     There is a … Read More …

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Chakras, Qabalah & The Tree Of Life

  The Qabalah & The Tree Of Life   By Dr. Rita Louise Like the chakras, the Qabalah, via the … Read More …

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Subtle Energy Movement Through The Aura, Chakras & Subtle Body

The Aura, Chakras & Nadis Play A Key Role In Subtle Energy Movement     Movement Of Subtle Energy Through … Read More …

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Medical Intuition: A New Frontier In Health Assessments


  Medical Intuition Is a Complex Blending Of Modern Science and Eastern Thought   By Dr. Rita Louise At the … Read More …

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