Transformation & Letting Go: The Large Intestine Meridian

large intestine meridian - letting go - transformation

  What Are You Holding On To? The Large Intestine Meridian   By Dr. Rita Louise The large intestine is responsible for transforming and transporting waste from the body. This waste is the residue of the digestion process, where water is removed from digested materials and is then eliminated from … Continue reading

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Understanding Depression & Chronic Fatigue: The Triple Warmer

triple warmer

Energy Movement & The Triple Warmer/Triple Burner Meridian   By Dr. Rita Louise The triple warmer is called the Minister of Dykes and Dredges or the Official of Balance and Harmony. Of all the meridians, this one is not associated with a physical organ and is not recognized in Western … Continue reading

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Tapping Into Personal Power: The Kidney Meridian

kidney meridian - personal power

The Kidney Meridian Can Help You Move Through Difficult Situations   Dr. Rita Louise The function of the kidneys is to control the movement of water through the body. Their job is to transform fluids in the body, separating the pure from the impure, and sending waste materials to the … Continue reading

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Transforming Ideas Into Reality: The Stomach Meridian

stomach meridian - transformation - assimilation

Should I Stay Or Should I Go? The Stomach Meridian   By Dr. Rita Louise The stomach is responsible for transforming or digesting the foods we eat by mixing and breaking them down and then passing food substances along to the small intestine for further digestion. In much the same … Continue reading

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Giving To Ourselves: The Spleen Meridian

spleen meridian - giving & receiving

Experiencing The Sweetness Of Life The Spleen Meridian   By Dr. Rita Louise The spleen meridian is often called the Controller of Distribution, the Minister of Granary and Distribution, or the Official of Transportation. When talking about the spleen meridian, we are referring to not only the spleen but the … Continue reading

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