Schumann Resonance & Consciousness


  Are Rising Fundamental Schumann Resonance Affecting You?   By Dr. Rita Louise Over the last several years, I have … Read More …

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The Aura, Chakras, Subtle Bodies: The Human Energy System

human energy system - aura - chakras - subtle body

  The Human Energy System     The Aura, Chakras, Subtle Bodies What are we made of? Are we more … Read More …

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Am I Psychic? : The Mystery Of Intuition Revealed

psychic experience - intuition

  Am I Psychic?     The Mystery Of Psychic Intuition Revealed Most people believe that they are intuitive, but … Read More …

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The Death Process: A Psychic Energetic View

Death Process - Transition

What happens as we near death? Dr. Rita Louise shares a compassionate story of a good friend as he transitions … Read More …

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