Am I Psychic? : The Mystery Of Intuition Revealed

psychic experience - intuition

  Am I Psychic?     The Mystery Of Psychic Intuition Revealed Most people believe that they are intuitive, but what many want to know is : are they psychic? What is a psychic ability and how is it different from intuition. What makes someone psychic? How does it work? … Continue reading

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Clairsentience: Trusting Your Gut – Second Chakra

Chakra Colors - Subtle Energy - Health

  The Second Chakra Is Our Interface Between The World Of Energy And The Physical World   By Dr. Rita Louise Associated with the color orange, the second chakra is perceived as being less dense than the 1st chakra.  It is often seen as the interface between the world of … Continue reading

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Psychic Abilities: Trust Your Intuition

psychic abilities - intuition

   Discover The Secret To Tapping Into Your Intuition & Psychic Abilities.     By: Dr. Rita Louise The nature of an intuitive experience confuses many people. There is a generalized belief, for example, that when someone is communicating with their spirit guides they will hear a loud, booming voice, … Continue reading

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