Am I Psychic? : The Mystery Of Intuition Revealed

psychic experience - intuition

  Am I Psychic?     The Mystery Of Psychic Intuition Revealed Most people believe that they are intuitive, but what many want to know is : are they psychic? What is a psychic ability and how is it different from intuition. What makes someone psychic? How does it work? … Continue reading

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The Chakras System Explained – Subtle Energy

The Chakras - Subtle Energy

Invisible To The Naked Eye, The Chakras Allow For The Transmission, Reception And Assimilation Of Subtle Energy   By Dr. Rita Louise Each of our subtle bodies is made up of a number of component parts, which include the chakras.  The term chakra is a Sanskrit word that means wheel … Continue reading

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Transforming Ideas Into Reality: The Stomach Meridian

stomach meridian - transformation - assimilation

Should I Stay Or Should I Go? The Stomach Meridian   By Dr. Rita Louise The stomach is responsible for transforming or digesting the foods we eat by mixing and breaking them down and then passing food substances along to the small intestine for further digestion. In much the same … Continue reading

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How To Bring Joy & Happiness Into Your Life

Joy, Happiness, Bliss

  “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.” ― Joseph Campbell By: Dr. Rita Louise Bliss comes in all shapes and sizes. What brings joy into your life may be completely different from what provides others a sense of satisfaction. Experiencing … Continue reading

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Are There Psychic Vampires Lurking Around You?

Energy Psychic Vampires

Could Your Friends, Neighbors, Brothers Or Sisters Be One Of These Creatures Of The Night? A Psychic Vampire?     By: Dr. Rita Louise We have all been brought up with the notion of vampires. We can easily imagine Count Dracula, in his long black cape, suckling the neck of … Continue reading

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