The 7th Chakra: The Energy Of Infinite Potential

Chakra Colors - Subtle Energy - Health

  Boundless, Limitless Energy Flows Through The 7th Chakra   By Dr. Rita Louise The last of the major chakras, the crown or 7th chakra.  Located on the top of the head, this chakra is often associated with the soft spot found on the heads of newborns.  Occupying the first … Continue reading

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Subtle Energy: Rediscovering Our Multidimensionality

Subtle Energy - Aura - Chakra - Energy Medicine

  The Multidimensional Nature Of The Human Experience     By: Dr. Rita Louise We are all familiar with the make-up of our bodies on physical levels. We have a heart and lungs, a liver and pancreas, kidneys, muscles and bones. We also have of glands, including our thyroid and … Continue reading

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