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Spring Is Here And So Are Seasonal Allergies Such As Hay Fever

As the sun fills each day with her warmth and beauty, the flowers, trees and grasses begin to grow, filling the air with their fresh, fragrant aroma. It is a wonderful time of year, unless you are one of the many who suffer from seasonal allergies commonly referred to as Hay fever.

Airborne allergies often vary by season, with grasses and trees pollinating in the late spring and early summer and weeds doing their dirty work from late summer to the first hard frost of winter. Depending on which pollen an you are allergic to; allergy symptoms may be present at any or all of these times.

Other things can cause an allergic reaction that can be confused as hay fever. Molds, for example, are capable of triggering an allergic reaction. They begin their active season during the winter through early spring. Dust, dust mites and animal dander have also been known to trigger runny noses, sneezing and congestion as well.

What Causes Seasonal Allergies / Hay Fever

Allergic reactions are caused by the over reaction of the liver to foreign protein bodies. This over-protective reaction of the body to the environment can be caused by a multitude of factors including pollen, dust, animal hair, industrial and home chemicals, foods, and even cosmetics.

The common thread among seasonal allergy sufferers is a weakness or a missing factor in their internal systems. Cellular wastes are not being broken down or eliminated correctly and are allowed to circulate in the system too long. Uneliminated waste materials then weaken tissues and organs, polluting the delicate ecological balance in our inner environment. White blood cells are then triggered into activity when there is an excess of protein buildup in the system, which send chemical messages to the bodies other defenses. Over time, a chronic agitation in the defense systems creates a hypersensitive condition, which precedes all allergies and hay fever.

Traditional medicine typically recommends products that contain anti-histamines to help alleviate the symptoms of seasonal allergies or they may suggest getting allergy shots to help desensitize the body.  If you want to go the natural root, below are some natural remedies you can use to eliminate seasonal allergies such as hay fever from your life naturally.

Natural Remedies For Seasonal Allergies

When dealing with seasonal allergies, such as hay fever, the key is in reducing the total allergic burden on your body while strengthening the immune system.

Natural remedies be started 2-6 months prior to the beginning of allergy season:

  • Clean up your diet. Eliminate refined sugar, white flour, processed and chemical laden foods.
  • Eliminate dairy products.
  • Take small amounts of bee pollen or honey daily. This will actually introduce allergy producing antigens in small, non-threatening amounts into the system and help to stimulate a natural immunity. Local bee pollen or honey is best.
  • Tonify the liver by taking herbs such as dandelion, milk thistle or burdock root.
  • Take a high quality multiple vitamin and mineral supplement.
  • Use Echinacea to help boost your immune system.
  • Incorporate omega 3 oil or flax seed oil in your diet to aid cell membrane permeability.

Natural remedies to be used during the allergy season:

  • Keep windows and doors closed, especially during your peak allergy season. Use an air conditioner if required to keep cool.
  • Dust and vacuum your house regularly.
  • Wear a face mask when necessary.
  • Wash hands thoroughly when coming in from outdoors.
  • Take herbal supplements that contain a combination of boneset, mullein, fennel and fenugreek to help relieve your stuffy head and runny nose, such as Fenugreek & Thyme or a homeopathic remedy for allergies for the relief of common allergy symptoms including runny nose, watery eyes, cough, and itching which are often associated with hay fever.
  • Increase intake of vitamin A to strengthen the mucus membranes.

Enjoy spring free of the burden of hay fever and other seasonal allergies! See you outside!

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