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Is Malnutrition And Nutritional Deficiencies Causing Your Health Concern

    Utilizing Herbal Medicine To Heal Malnutrition and Nutritional Deficiencies

    When you talk about illness and disease, scientists believe that all chronic illnesses are accompanied by a kind of malnutrition. When we do not eat the right kinds of foods we can experience nutritional deficiencies and imbalances in the essential chemical elements that make up our bodies.

    Many of us think of nutritional deficiencies in terms of an inadequate diet and this is often the case. There are, however, other ways in which the body exhausts its valuable supply of chemical elements and become malnourished.

    Causes of Malnutrition and Vitamin Deficiencies

    Excessive mental work, for example, can deplete the brain, nerves and glands and rob the body of the essential vitamins it needs. Stress can also create nutritional deficiencies and wreak havoc on our immune system. Sometimes we simply neglect our bodies or forget to get enough fresh air, sunshine and exercise.

    Bottom line, any abuse, neglect or overwork to our bodies can leave us malnourished and with nutritional deficiencies. Once the body is depleted of its needed vitamins and essential chemical elements, the tissues begin to breakdown, weakening a particular organ, gland or tissue. These nutritional deficiencies can preclude illness and overtime, disease ensues.

    Symptoms Of Ill Health & Disease

    Symptoms of ill health may not express themselves for quite some time. Typically, the first symptom of disease to appear is fatigue. Next, we may get frequent infections, colds or the flu. Many times the early symptoms we experience are taken for granted as a natural sign of aging. When left unchecked the underlying causes can grown and proliferate creating chronic disease in our bodies.

    It’s helpful to remember that the appearance of symptoms, such as arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, diabetes and arthritis, mark the clinical stage of a disease. However, when our skin becomes dry, when we have pain in our shoulders, when we have excessive bloating, gas, constipation or diarrhea, each tell us that something is wrong, that healing needs to occur.

    Using Herbal Medicine To Heal The Body

    Over the past decade, the popularity of herbal medicine has exploded. Walk into any drugstore, supermarket or discount store and you can easily find herbal remedies on the shelves. Herbs are natural remedies derived from whole plants, their roots, leaves, stems or seeds. Herbs are available in a variety of forms, including fresh, dried, in tablets or capsules and even bottled in liquid form. You can buy them individually or in mixtures formulated for a specific condition.

    Historically, the use of herbs to facilitate healing nutritional deficiencies predates some of the earliest written documents known to man. These documents record dozens of medicinal plants, including myrrh, castor oil and garlic and their healing properties. Over the years, the curative properties of herbs and medicinal plants have not changed. Herbs that were used for healing thousands of years ago are still utilized by many herbalists today.  For those new to the world of herbal therapy, the most extraordinary and tantalizing thing about herbs are their proven action and their incredible versatility.

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