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The Reptilian Brain & Entity Attachments

    Is Living In Our Reptilian Brain Spurring On Entity Attachment Cases?

    Over the last few years the number of people who seem to be effected by entity attachments has been on a dramatic rise. I have reached out to a large group of individuals within the paranormal community looking for answers but have come up empty handed. They agree that the number of cases are on the rise but are at a loss to explain why. Why now?

    Recently I was reading David Icke‘s book Phantom Self. In it, he talked about the reptilian brain. The reptilian brain is based in survival. It elicits impulsive programmed responses in response to programmed triggers or potential dangers. Characteristics of the Reptilian brain include dominance, aggression, sex and seeking a mate, rigidity, obsessiveness, compulsiveness, worship, fear, submission and greed.

    All attached entities are parasites. Their vibration is low. They are typically ego driven, emotionally negative and out for themselves. When they are in our auric field we experience their thoughts, feelings and emotions, however nasty they may be.

    The vast majority of people with an attached entity are unaware of its presence. The sufferer assumes they are responsible for creating the ongoing patterns of negative thoughts and undesired emotional responses they are experiencing. They end up owning the entity’s energy as their own. They eventually believe “this is who I am.” They mistakenly live out their lives surrounded by these lies and feel powerless to change.

    This video takes a look at the relationship between the reptilian brain and the soaring number of new cases of entity attachments.

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