Science News: Scientists Ignore Implications Of Our Subtle Being


Science News:
Is Subtle Energy Real?


By Dr. Rita Louise

Science News - subtle energyIt is theorized that the subtle energy that makes up our being vibrates at a frequency faster than electromagnetic radiation.  According to Don Paris, author of Regaining Wholeness Through the Subtle Dimensions, everything in the universe emits subtle energy, every living thing as well as nonliving object so, in a sense, everything is alive.   This unseen, yet undeniable part of who we are is something that many of us take for granted; yet it is always with us, every minute of every day.  It fills us from the tops of our heads down to the tips of our toes, ever moving and flowing in and around us.

Subtle energy provides an organizing principle to nature – if it weren’t for this predisposition, we would only be a collection of cells or disordered pile of chemicals.


Scientists Ignore Subtle Energy Implications


In science news, western scientist have traditionally ignored the energetic implications of our subtle being, primarily because they have been unable to document them.  Scientists who have investigated the movement of subtle energy in the body assumed that they would find it on physiological levels where it would work like our nervous or circulatory systems.

When they were unable to find “it”, they concluded that it didn’t exist or was the stuff of myth.  They never considered the notion that the tools they were using might be insufficient or that their assumptions might be wrong.  Yet, throughout time, the greatest advancements and breakthroughs in science have come into being because of the discovery of a new scientific instrument or groundbreaking technology.  Recent findings in quantum physics are now validating the existence of subtle energy and subtle energetic systems.


When Will Scientists Recognize Subtle Energy?


If you think about it, only in the last century have scientists been able to measure, validate, harness and utilize electromagnetic radiation in the form of medical x-rays, indoor lighting and microwave ovens.  For example, it is common knowledge that if you go outside on a sunny day, you run the risk of getting burnt, but only recently has this effect been attributed to ultraviolet radiation.

So while we have all experienced ultraviolet radiation on a qualitative level, this is based purely on its effect.  Even today, while scientists understand the laws and principles upon which electromagnetic radiation is based, they still don’t know exactly how or why it works.

The same holds true for subtle energy.  To date, there are not any tools to measure it or quantify it.  Until that day comes, mainstream science will most likely ignore the role subtle energy plays in our lives, the regulation of our health and the manifestation of disease.


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