Long Distance Healing / Distance Energy Healing

Get A Long Distance Healing Or Distance Energy Healing From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Long Distance Healing - Distance Energy Healing

Long distance energy healing is a form of energy medicine in which healing energy is “sent” across time and space and is received by the recipient.  It is often done over the phone or at a special time set aside and agreed upon between the client and the practitioner.

One of the astonishing advantages of long distance energy healing is that you do not have to be physically present.  You may not be in the same room or even the same state as the healer.  Remarkably the healing benefits you will receive are equally effective as an in person spiritual energy healing.  This means that you can receive a spiritual energy healing easily anywhere, at any time and does not require you to be physically present with the practitioner.

In today’s world, people do not always have success finding a spiritual healer who is close by. Long distance energy healing offers individuals who live far off the beaten path the opportunity to access these services.  It also allows an individual to receive a spiritual energy healing from a practitioner that they specifically want to work with regardless of their location. The use of distance energy healing can also be used in situation in which an individual, due to their health concerns, is unable to come to the practitioner’s office for a session.

How Long Distance Energy Healing Works

What the healers, shamans, and practitioners of holistic medicine have known for millennia is that we are all interconnected in a deep and profound way.  Modern science is just beginning to understand the principles that underlie how long distance healing works.  The benefits of distance energy healing is finally being verified and validated though case studies.  Recent discoveries in quantum physics can now provide the scientific underpinning for how the holistic healing phenomenon can and does work.

Scientists have come to recognize that “energy” is not restricted by time, space and location.  These finds fall in the face of the assumptions made by classical physics and account for it previously controversial status.

Long Distance Energy Healing With Dr. Rita

I offer two types of long distance healings a non-traditional distance healing and a deep healing intensive.

Non-Traditional Distance Energy Healing

In a traditional distance energy healing, I am actively communicating with you over the phone or via Skype.  This type of healing session is usually incorporated as part of a medical intuitive evaluation or clairvoyant reading.  During these sessions, I may be guided to clear an area, pull a cord or help my client ground themselves more appropriately.  This type of long distance healing session is typically done on the spur of the moment and is not scheduled.

Intensive Long Distance Energy Healing Session

During an intensive long distance energy healing session, I do not actively participate with my client.  This allows me to dig in deep and focus my energy and attention on a more intense and comprehensive level.  A deep long distance healing also allows my clients to relax and fully experience the benefits the session can offer.

On a practical note, deep long distance healing are organized with very different format than any of my other sessions.  At the scheduled session time, a brief discussion of our healing goals is established.  Then it is time for my client to go sit down, lie down and relax.  During the session time, I will poke, prod, clear and revitalize issues revealed, be they physical, mental, emotional or spiritual in nature.  At the end of our session time we will reconnect by phone or Skype.

During that time I will provide you with a report of findings.  It is like getting a mini psychic reading or medical intuitive evaluation with every healing session!  I have found that these insights assist in bringing unconscious issues that may be underscoring a health concern to the surface thus allowing my clients an even deeper and more profound level of healing.

How To Schedule A Long Distance Energy Healing

All of holistic health practitioner, Dr. Rita Louise’s medical intuitive readings, intuitive counseling, psychic readings, life coaching and energy healing services are offered in person, by phone or over Skype.

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