Journaling For Health & Well Being: A Diary As A Self-Help Tool

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As children, many of us had a diary with which we shared our deepest thoughts and secret hopes and desires. After scribbling on its lined pages, we would secure it away by means of its small lock and key. For added security, we probably took the extra precaution of hiding it under our mattress or in the deep recesses of our desk or closet. Our diary was a place where we could write about the events of our day, the crush we had on the boy who sat next to us in biology class, or the fight we had with our parents because they wouldn’t let us go to a party.

Often left behind as a fond memory of our youth, the concept of keeping a diary has evolved from the musings of our teen years into a full fledged self help tool. The rite of keeping a diary has come of age and with it, the advent of journaling.

What Is Journaling?

Journaling is a way in which we can record what is going on in our lives. Journals can be used for most anything. They can be filled with our ideas, facts, figures, photos, sketches, poetry and quotes – basically anything you can get down onto a piece of paper. For example, in a more traditional sense of the word, people often use journals to keep business records. Some people journal about their travel exploits, while others have journals that are filled with theoretical concepts, such as for the generation of free energy. Even Sean Connery carried a journal as he quested for the Holy Grail in “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”.

Today, when one speaks of journaling, it often implies the act of writing down our thoughts, ideas, feelings and emotions as a tool for personal growth and increased self-awareness. When used in this way, journaling gives us the opportunity to explore below the surface of the conscious mind, where we can access information from deep within ourselves.

What Can Journaling Be Used For?

In this context, journaling can be used for a number of reasons. Most commonly, people journal to help clarify feelings, gain insights into choices they need to make, or to hash out problems they are experiencing. They can be used as a means to solve a problem in which the answer is eluding us, or to help us identify our goals, wants, needs and desires. Some people use journaling as a tool to release the emotional pain and trauma they may have had or are currently experiencing in their lives, while others may use it to explore the blessings they receive daily.

This type of journaling supports our thought processes. When we are feeling stuck, confused or conflicted, our thoughts – instead of being clear and concise – end up whirling around in our heads. Our minds tend to jump around from one idea to the next, and then back to the first one again. Through the act of writing, we are forced to arrange our thoughts into a clear, somewhat linear pattern through which we can express ourselves.

Journaling is also a form of meditation. As we being to write and allow the flow of our thoughts to move through our body and out onto paper, we inadvertently end up quieting our minds. Our bodies will quickly follow, thus providing us with a sense of peace and relaxation. Many health professionals recommend journaling for stress reduction, to help relieve anxiety, or to work through the complex set of feelings one may be experiencing. Regardless of what we decide to journal about, it is always amazing what kinds of insights and epiphanies we may experience.

Are you ready to start Journaling?  Continue on to learn how to begin the healing process for yourself.

How To Begin Journaling For Your Health

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