How Our Inner Emotions Can Effect Weight Gain Or Weight Loss

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By Shifting Our Inner State We Can Achieve Permanent Weight Loss

In order to achieve permanent weight loss, it is generally believed that we must count calories, eat less and exercise more. For some people, this is most certainly the case. A little bit of this, and a little bit of that, eaten throughout the day can add up to a huge number of calories being consumed. Our indulgences can cause weight gain, with the pounds building up on us without us ever realizing it until one day we wake up and look in the mirror and become conscious of the fact that it has gone too far. Our caloric intake is an obvious reason why we gain weight and cutting back on what we eat should be the solution to achieving weight loss. For some individuals, however, this is not the case.

Emotions And Weight Gain

Weight gain, when looked at from an energetic level can be more complicated than just the foods we eat. For some, there are deep emotional implications which inhibit their ability to lose the weight they desire. For years I heard it said that people gain weight, and retain it, because they are using it to protect and shield their body from the negative energy around them. These sensitive individuals may have been hurt, rejected, teased, belittled or abused and use their weight as a way to create separation between them and the world around them. It is as if they are supporting the work of their auric field, whose job it is to protect the physical and energetic body. The added protection helps to keep them safe. The key to weight loss for these individuals is to help them feel safe in the world, to help them feel empowered and strong as opposed to weak and vulnerable.

In my work as a medical intuitive, I have discovered that our core beliefs can cause an individual gain weight. They can also interfere with their ability to lose weight as well. These issues often go much deeper than the need to protect oneself. I have also discovered that if these issues are addressed and cleared, weight loss happens all by itself.

Emotions And Weight Loss: Case Study #1

Sharon came to me with the desire to lose weight. Her doctors were concerned about the excess stress her weight added to her already failing body. High blood pressure, diabetes were only a couple of her health concerns. Sharon had tried everything she could think of to lose the 150lbs of excess body weight. She had tried all kinds of diets but none of them seemed to work. She would perhaps lose 50lbs, but before she knew it her weight rebounded. Many times she would gain more weight than where she had started.

Sharon on the outside was all “happy, happy, joy, joy”. She loved everyone and everything. At least that is what she said. When I observed her energy that is not what I saw. Energetically Sharon was angry, really angry. As I probed deeper I tapped into an unconscious belief that Sharon had regarding this anger. She believed that if she expressed the anger she felt that it would be like Pandora’s box, as if a plague of anger, rage and frustration would ravage the Earth. Internally Sharon was so afraid of expressing these feeling that she bottled it up and carried it around on her body – literally.

When I confronted Sharon about her anger issues, the best way I can describe it is that she looked at me as if I were nuts. Angry? Her? No way. She was all happy, happy, joy, joy. The world was a great positive place to be in, even if everyone around me treated me like dirt. Sharon just couldn’t relate to the anger I spoke to her about, that is until about six months later. She came to my office one day for our scheduled appointment and oh, my god… GRRRRRRRR. Someone had let the cat out of the bag. I guess she finally tapped in to all of those years of suppressed rage because she was anything but happy or joyful for quite a while.

I didn’t see Sharon for about a year after our last session. One day, Sharon called me for an appointment. Her scheduled time had come and I went to the front door thinking she may have stepped outside. No Sharon. I started heading back to my office when this all too familiar voice says to me “Dr. Rita?” I turned to face the woman who was looking at me and it was Sharon. I didn’t even recognize her. She had lost over 100lbs. Shocked, surprised and happy for her transformation I asked her what she had done. Her response was “nothing”. She shared with me that once she began to release the anger and rage she had been carrying around her eating habits somehow changed and the weight just dropped off of her. It was truly a miracle.

Emotions And Weight Loss: Case Study #2

The emotion of anger isn’t the only one that can keep our weight on us. In another situation I worked briefly with a client who didn’t understand why she couldn’t lose weight. On the surface she was using her weight to protect herself. Connie, however, was an experienced energy healer. She had been working on this issue for years but just couldn’t seem to get it to change. There was something deeper, she realized, that she could not tap into. She also knew that if she didn’t get to the core of what was going on she would never drop her excessive weight.

I started to dig into Connie’s energy space and pealed back the layers of emotion that were associated with her personal protection. It was like I was turning pages in a book, with each page I turned, I was going back in time or deeper into her psyche. It was kind of funny because with everything I said, her response was, been there, know that. I was about seven layers into this process that things changed.

All of a sudden I could feel my body starting to convulse. It felt like I wanted to vomit. As the waves of contractions moved through me I shared my experience with Connie. Tears began to well up in her eyes. She told me that she had had a weight problem even when she was young. Her parents, in trying to help her, would force feed her fish, which she would, after a time, regurgitate. I then felt into her emotional energy regarding this situation and its connection to her weight problem. What I felt was a huge level of resistance coming from her. She was going to show them who was boss… It was like she was digging her heals into the sand and did not want to move forward. Her resistance to their efforts kept her from staying on any diet plan she tried but also kept her from losing weight.

Emotions And Weight Loss: Case Study #3

In another situation, I was working with a client regarding her mother’s hoarding tendencies. It was obvious to me that there was some deep emotional tie connected to her need to hold onto the things that filled her home. I was a bit surprised by what I discovered as I evaluated Sara’s (my client’s mother’s) energy. I had never met Sara but asked my client if her mom also experienced weight issues. As it turned out, that was the case. Sara, over the years, like her home, had gained so much weight that she was experiencing mobility issues and was just shy of having to get around in a scooter.

It was interesting, because Sara chose to hang onto the things in her life because she didn’t want to experience or re-experience loss. If she threw something away she would have to experience that pain and she was unwilling to do that. I also felt that her inability to process and deal with her repressed emotional energy was the direct cause of her weight issues. Lose the stuff, lose the weight…

These were just a few examples of how our beliefs can impact our lives and our ability to shed the pounds. The situation I have shared are not the only emotional causes of weight gain and retention. I do hope that by sharing these stories the will help to provide a key into unlocking the weight loss door for you. For many, it is not about counting calories, but instead about digging deeper into themselves and their psyche.

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