What Is Good For You? – The Small Intestine Meridian

small intestine meridian

The Small Intestine Meridian Helps Determine What Is Good For You   By Dr. Rita Louise The small intestine is responsible for the absorption of the nutrients from the foods we eat. Physiologically speaking, the small intestine receives partially digested food from the stomach and processes it further. Its primary … Continue reading

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Opening To The Meaning Of Life: The Lung Meridian

lung meridian - connect with the soul

Let Life Fill You With Inspiration The Lung Meridian   By Dr. Rita Louise The lungs are responsible for gas exchange. They are constantly exposed to our external environment and act as a direct interface with the world outside. They separate our internal world from the world around us. It … Continue reading

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Storing Spiritual Energy: The Bladder Meridian

Bladder Meridian

The Bladder Meridian Stores Physical, Mental & Spiritual Reserves   Dr. Rita Louise The bladder meridian is known by a number of different names including The Great Mediator, the Official Who Controls Storage of Water, and the Minister of the Reservoir. Like the kidneys, the bladder is also concerned with … Continue reading

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Transformation & Letting Go: The Large Intestine Meridian

large intestine meridian - letting go - transformation

  What Are You Holding On To? The Large Intestine Meridian   By Dr. Rita Louise The large intestine is responsible for transforming and transporting waste from the body. This waste is the residue of the digestion process, where water is removed from digested materials and is then eliminated from … Continue reading

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Aromatherapy, Essential Oils And Natural Healing

essential-oils-aromatherapy-natural healing

Essential Oils Provides Opportunities For Healing Of The Mind-Body-Spirit Connection   By Mara Benner Aromatherapy was my first experience into the realm of relaxation and learning how to lessen my stress level, making only a slight connection between the body, mind and spirit. I remember going with my mother for … Continue reading

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