Is Fibromyalgia Telling You To Take Care Of Yourself?


  An Intuitive Look At Fibromyalgia     By: Dr. Rita Louise My dad has high blood pressure. He has gotten more refunds, discounts and free stuff than anyone I know. He will haggle about the cost of an item or the quality of services rendered. He is also not … Continue reading

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11 Ways To Lower Cholesterol Naturally

pixabay - gaucho-144482_640

  High Cholesterol Levels Can Increase Your Risk Of Heart Disease. Discover Ways To Lower Elevated Cholesterol Levels Naturally.     by Dr. Rita Louise When most people think of cholesterol, they think of the waxy fat-like substance that is found in many of the foods we eat. Often feared, the truth is … Continue reading

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Natural Home Remedies For Clinical Depression

Intuitive counseling

  Does Depression Have You Down? Here Are Some Natural Home Remedies You Can Try To Life Your Spirits And Sooth Your Soul.     by Dr. Rita Louise Depression or “depressive reactions” is a mood response that is often brought on by the stresses and strains in our lives. … Continue reading

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Life Force Energy – The River Of Life

Subtle Life Force Energy

  Holistic Healing Can Assist In Restoring Balance To Our Life Force Energy     By Dr. Rita Louise We are each filled with universal life force energy. It is the essence of our being, our consciousness, our soul. As the flow of life force energy moves through the physical, emotional, … Continue reading

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What Is Celiac Disease?

Celiac Disease - Gluten Intolerance

  Natural Ways Of Addressing Celiac Disease & Gluten Intolerance     By Dr. Rita Louise Celiac Disease, celiac sprue or gluten sensitive enteropathy (gluten intolerance ) is an autoimmune disorder of the small intestines. In our bodies, the small intestine is responsible for the absorption of the foods we eat. … Continue reading

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